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Soul Oriented

Now more than ever, we know that

community is essential for our physical, emotional & spiritual health. ALL of you is welcome here. 


  • Weekly Online Soul Support Circles 

  • Extensive Catalog of Soul Oriented Somatic Video Library & Self-Coaching Materials 

  • Quarterly Soul Oriented Meditation Series with small group support 

  • Priority Registration & Discounts on Soul Oriented Retreats & Trainings 

  • A Chance to Give & Receive Your Unique Gifts In Safe, Loving & Inclusive Community 

As A Soul Oriented Patreon Member You'll Receive Access To:

Our Soul Oriented Community is a safe place for ALL of you to show up and be seen, loved and welcomed fully. 


Soul Oriented 


Now more than ever, we know that

community is essential for our physical, emotional & spiritual health


In order to live aligned with our soul, we must practice living more fully in our body. With extensive training in numerous somatic (body based) modalities, Vanessa has created an extensive library of short videos leading you through accessible, simple exercises to connect and heal in powerful ways. Below are a few samples to enjoy. As a member of the Patreon Soul Oriented community, you will have the access of to the whole collection, over seventy videos and growing. Click below to access the full video library, as well as attend our weekly Soul Circles classes online!


@ Vanessa

Soul Oriented Somatic Sessions

Soul Oriented Somatic Sessions will help you feel and integrate your emotions in a safe and resourceful way, get unstuck in patterns of thinking and behavior, learn how to work with whatever your current reality is, co-create more of what you desire and say yes to life in a fuller way.


With loving presence, deep listening and skillful reflections we will discover together how the way you think, speak and hold your body reveal the keys to our unconscious blocks and show us the paths to creating new, more effortless ways of loving and being supported in the expression of our full authentic selves. S.O.S Sessions will increase your trust in yourself and the world in simple, accessible and profound ways that will feel like magic... because it is!

"Magic is simply the willingness to cooperate with everything...

and cooperators are standing by!" Caroline Casey

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SOS Sessions

Change Lives, Starting with yours! 
Become A Certified Soul Oriented Somatic Coach! 

We are excited to announce the launch of the Soul Oriented Somatic Coach Certification program starting in February, 2023. In this intimate and intensive series you will learn how to connect to and follow your own Soul's compass, and guide others in doing the same, professionally and personally. 


SOS Training




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Vanessa VerLee is a Somatic Coach & Facilitator who, since 2004, has supported thousands of people in returning home to their bodies and inner knowing in safe and sustainably transformative ways. 


Vanessa weaves her innate gift of creating safe spaces for deep growth with extensive training in multiple body-based (somatic) modalities Reorganizational Healing, SRI, Somatic Experiencing, EFT, Guided Meditation, Gentle & Restorative Yoga, Acupressure and more. 
Born to a family of pastors and missionaries and then, as an infant, miraculously recovering from a life threatening illness, Vanessa has always felt deeply connected to the preciousness of life, a sense of meaning and purpose and a sense of interconnected awe in the mundane.  But in her early twenties, through a series of challenges and synchronicities, Vanessa began to experience all the ways she had learned to separate body and spirit. It became clear to her that the body was not distinct from her soul, but the very portal from which our soul speaks. It is Vanessa's life passion, and the core of Soul Oriented Somatics, to offer others the tools and safe spaces to allow their body's messages to speak and guide sustainable, energizing ways to give our soul's gifts. 


From The Hearts Of Our Community Members


Jasmine M, Denver, CO

Jacob H, San Francisco, CA

Victoria M, Chicago, IL

Mike B, Tuscon, AZ

Shanna K, Brooklyn, NY

Hannah M, San Francisco, CA

Tricia M, St Louis, MO


Jeanne B, Santa Cruz, CA

Jullianne K, Menlo Park, CA

Alanna F, Hollywood, CA

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