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You Are the Gift the World Needs 

Your Authentic Magic + Simple Somatic Tools =
Powerfully Whole Person Transformation

If you desire to...

Access awe, playfulness, magic & synchronicity regardless of circumstances

Trust & joyfully embody your soul’s deepest knowing

Shift patterns of anxiety, self-criticism, doubt & defensiveness into open hearted ease with simple practices

Safely & powerfully guide individuals & groups through life-changing transformations

Turn your deepest wounds into your most powerful gifts & support others in doing the same

Confidently lead yourself & others through a wide range of simple & proven somatic & mindset techniques 

Be immersed in a loving container with other ready souls who know they are being called to serve in much bigger ways

Create a fulfilling & abundant living by simply amplifying the magic of being YOU

Become a Soul Oriented Somatic Guide!

Whether you are a current or aspiring coach, therapist, healer, team leader or the like wanting to learn embodied, heart centered ways to guide others or you simply want to be immersed in a learning community to uncover ways to more fully give and receive, the SOS Guide training may be calling you!

The training will be a six month journey of self-reflection, personal breakthrough, deep exploration of your soul's gifts, synergistic community wisdom exchange and the transmission of a wide range of shockingly simple but powerful somatic and mindset techniques to optimize your brain and hack life (and confidently guide others to do the same!) 

2024 Soul Oriented Somatic 
Guide (S.O.S.) Training 

May 18th - November 11, 2023

Investment of $5888  
(payment plans, check/cash discount & scholarship options available)

A Taste Of What To Expect In The Training...

FEEL BETTER, by being BETTER AT FEELING (i.e. increase you EQ to experience the full range of emotions as your allies!) 

Learn quick, effective and embodied ways to CHANGE any HABIT sustainably

Learn how to weave PLAYFULNESS & CREATIVITY  into the most complicated and serious ISSUES the mind is stuck in 

Get to know your INNER COUNCIL to co-create a more fulfilling, integrated life

BeFRIEND your BODY... and decode the wise messages STUCK within your cells

Learn more EFFECTIVE & CONNECTIVE ways to identify communicate the needs of yourself and others, creating more IN-TO-ME-SEE

COMPOST doubt, shame and fear with CURIOSITY &. COMPASSION

Call on your ANCESTORS for support, LIBERATE lineage trauma and IGNITE your legacy

Fortify clear, loving & intimacy building BOUNDARIES 

Learn powerful and simple marketing tools to ABUNDANTLY & AUTHENTICALLY share your gifts & skills professionally 

Masterfully HACK your brain to deliver an EXTRA-ORDINARY experience of life 

Learn about what your nervous system needs to be a SUSTAINABLE & SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur 

UNDERSTAND energy states to RESOURCE more sustainable ways of of moving through life

CULTIVATE presence that lovingly MELTS DEFENSES

Learn extensive somatic tools to  CONFIDENTLY & SHAMELESSLY be the whole, beautiful, radical CHANGE AGENT that you were designed to be!


2024 SOS Guide Schedule




Seven Weekend Immersives Over Six Months


May 18/19 (online)

June 15/16 (online)

July 13/14 (online)

Aug 10/11 (online)

Sept 7/8 (online)

Oct 5/6 (online)

(10am - 4pm PST)

Nov 9-11  (in person retreat San Francisco Bay Area)

One  hour each month of practice

SOS Guiding with fellow participants 

One Program Long Personal Project Highlighting Your Soul's Gifts 

Several prompts/practices a week offered throughout the program

(Engagement on program participant exclusive Slack Channel throughout the program where there will be ample opportunities for community engagement, encouragement and learning from one another, along with several offerings every week from Vanessa the form of somatic play assignments, journal prompts, recommended reading, real life soul stretch challenges and more.)

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